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Making money creatively is either a mystery, or hidden behind a big banner reading “SELLOUT”

I’m trying to change that.

Oh hey there! I’m Honor Eastly, the creator of Starving Artist, a podcast about art, money, and how to combine those things. If you’re a creative who’s ever wondered “how the hell do you make this work?!” (like me) then this podcast is for you.

The show is basically an excuse for me to ask successful artists really nosy questions about their financial situation, and record the conversation.

You can get those conversations in your ear holes from the 31st of March, and to celebrate we’re going to be having a Very Fancy launch party at Work-Shop Melbourne!

The event will feature a panel of creatives from the first season discussing everything from how to negotiate a raise, to making a living through Instagram. We’ll also be playing exclusive clips from the first season, and most excitingly, you’ll get to ask your hot ticket questions to some of the smartest creatives I know. 

So, who are these amazing panellists you speak of??

Well the short version is: Frances CannonSui Zhen, Sarah Firth, and Wendy Syfret (i-D / VICE).

Hot damn! What a good line-up right?!?

For those of you who don’t know these fine beings, read on for why they are amazing and badass:

(for those of you who do know said fine beings, and just want to know how to get tickets, scroll down)

By night Becky Sui Zhen is a musician, working under the moniker Sui Zhen, and touring with the 8-piece party extravaganza that is NO ZU. By day Becky is a badass user experience designer and all around god of the new media landscape. I interviewed her about straddling two careers and how to make creative career plans around life decisions like Having Children (currently one of my most potent fears).

Like Becky, Sarah Firth has two streams to her work. She’s an artist, and writer, (who is currently working on her debut graphic novel – a truly epic feat!) as well as a creative entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur she runs a successful small business – offering film, creative workshop and graphic recording services – and has done for the past seven years. I interviewed Sarah about creating an approach for your work (rather than just tearing through your creative career like I’ve been doing) and she even did a strategy session with me! 

Wendy Syfret is the editor of i-D Australia, and is an all-round dreamy contemporary Gillian Anderson. Last year Wendy interviewed me for an article, and afterwards we got talking about the idea of wage transparency, how to figure out how much you’re worth, and how to negotiate a raise. This is one of the (many) conversations that made me think, “man this kind of stuff really needs to be recorded”. Four months later she let me into her home to pat her tiny dog and have the same conversation with her, this time in front of a microphone.

Frances Cannon is a full-time artist, body positivity activist, and Instagram queen. I’ve watched Frances’ work explode online over the past few years, and I sat at home thinking “what does your life look like when that happens?” Fortunately Frances was kind enough to answer that question for me when I interviewed her a few months ago. We talked about going #viral, selling your work online, and preparing yourself for the fact that Instagram might not be around forever. 

So, how do you get tickets?

Head on over to www.starvingartistpodcast.com to book (tickets released Monday March 20th).

And make sure you click “attending” on the Facebook event to make sure you’re in The Loop.

What you'll get

  • Hear a panel of creatives from the first season of Starving Artist discuss everything from how to negotiate a raise, to making a living through Instagram.
  • Converse and mingle with like-minded starving artists
  • Drinks and light snacks provided

what to bring

Bring along any burning questions you’d like to ask the panelists!