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Dive into the shimmering world of stained glass with our 2.5-hour introductory class focused on soldering and jewellery making. Whether you’re a beginner or simply curious about this timeless craft, this workshop is made for you.

Get hands-on with a variety of pre-cut geometric glass shapes, bursting with vibrant colours. From earrings to pendants and keychain ornaments, unleash your creativity and craft as many pieces as you can during the session.

This workshop will focus on the fundamentals of soldering glass. Get the low down on important safety info before delving into the basics of stained glass techniques, including soldering and finishing touches.

This beginner-friendly class is the perfect opportunity to explore stained glass as jewelry-making art. No experience required—just bring your enthusiasm and let’s create something beautiful together!

What you'll get

  • Approx 3-4 stained glass jewellery pieces or keyring accessories. How many you make is dependent on how large your pieces are, how intricate your designs are, as well as the speed you work at.
  • The opportunity to try soldering and stained glass equipment
  • Expert guidance and assistance

what to bring

  • Comfortable clothes
  • A water bottle


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