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Sick of those winter blues?!  Get ready to jump into spring with an updated wardrobe, and a new way to show off your style!!!

This class will take you through all the steps in aligning your inner awesomeness with your outward style. 

Honour yourself every day by showing up in a way that makes you proud. You will learn how to create an authentic Signature Style that perfectly aligns with who you are on the inside. Lynne will teach you her secrets to creating a Signature Style and how you can easily incorporate these steps into your life.  You are encouraged to bring in some of your favourite pieces from your wardrobe, to get advice on how to use them to transform from winter to spring!

Understand why a capsule wardrobe should always be your goal, ensuring you value quality over quantity. Finally walk away from pieces you have been holding onto for years, and do so easily!

Get ready to transform your wardrobe….and your life!  Spring is almost here!!!!!!!

What you'll get

  • A two hour class leaving you with some new self confidence and an exciting style attitude!

what to bring

  • 3 items of clothing that they would like advice on


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