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Rise to the challenge and prove yourself capable of creating your own tough-crusted and deliciously dense sourdough in this class for beginners. Sourdough, it seems, is older than recorded human history. It’s made through the process of fermentation, a natural leavening that produces the perfect breakfast staple. You’ll learn why sourdough is simply the best bread (spoiler: it’s chemical-free and encourages a healthy gut). Introduce yourself to a sourdough starter, explore its mechanics and proper care, and it’ll reward you with tangy and perfect loaves.

This comprehensive three-hour workshop covers ingredient selection, starter care, and the processes of sourdough fermentation and baking, with plenty of guidance and time for questions. Last but not yeast, you’ll take your fermenting dough home to bake in the morning. It’ll be a rye-ot.

What you'll get

  • Instruction manual for future bakes
  • Banneton basket
  • A loaf of bread to bake at home the following day

what to bring

  • Just yourself and an apron
  • Digital scales
  • Measuring cup


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