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In this 4 hour workshop with textile artist, Lisa Mattock, you’ll draw inspiration from the Japanese stitching methods of boro (the art of mending rags or scraps of cloth) and sashiko (a form of decorative of reinforcement stitching) to create your own layered textile artwork using a mixture of repurposed, recycled, inherited, and vintage textiles.

You will also learn simple stab stitch techniques for connecting pieces to form a background, before adding a stitched silhouette as a finishing embellishment.

Slow stitching centres around the “make do and mend” and “waste not, want not” ethos of yesteryear. It is a nod to the generations that came before ours in which reusing and recycling were necessary and admirable.This is not a complicated process which relies on numerous fancy, perfectly executed stitches and fastidious neatness, but rather, it’s about embracing the timeworn nature of our materials, and the individuality of our stitching methods.

Come pick up a needle and thread and lose yourself in this meditative process where simplicity is key.


What you'll get

A starter pack containing vintage fabric swatches, needles, threads, thread snips, and a variety of ribbon embellishments.

Afternoon tea provided

what to bring

Bring any fabric accoutrements you would like to incorporate into your work (ie. old household linens)


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