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You’ve got to draw the line somewhere—but where do you start?


There are no pencils or erasers allowed in this class. Instead you will automatically be handed your pen licence upon arrival. With pens inked and brushes dipped, Melbourne artist Simon O’Carrigan will teach you the many ways you can make marks on paper to create interesting drawings. 

After a few demos you will get to jump right in, test out different tools and techniques and experiment to see what is possible.

“But what if I make a mistake, in permanent ink?” you ask. No problem! Simon will teach you how to use those marks and mistakes to give your drawing a style and character unique to you and your drawings, showing you methods to build up a drawing gradually so you’ll never want to use a pencil again.

So if you are a complete beginner or a professional who wants to loosen up your practice, this class will push you to be brave with your brush and express your voice via ink on paper.

What you'll get

  • Confidence in your own line drawing, and a degree of comfort drawing in ink on paper
  • Reference materials to draw from
  • All materials to be used in the workshop (pens, brushes, dip pens, various types of paper)

what to bring

We’ll supply all the core materials you’ll need to undertake the class. But, you are welcome to bring along any further things you might want to use (or get tips on using) such as:

  • Reference photos (we will draw a building, a natural landscape, and a person during the class)
  • Any of your sketchbooks to work in
  • Any favourite pens you like to write or draw with
  • If you’re a fountain pen user, bring that along
  • You don’t need to bring confidence, but be prepared to leave with it!


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