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With the property market continuing to increase, younger Australians are being forced to move further out of the city to potentially less desirable areas to live in order to buy their own home.

Senior Lending Specialist ,Sam Gawenda, from Rising Tide is here to show you how and why so many young Aussies are continuing to rent where they want to live and choosing to invest in property where they can afford.

If you’re thinking about investing but have no idea where to start, this workshop is for you!

What you'll get

Topics covered will include:

  • Understanding how much deposit is required when purchasing and different ways to raise it
  • A few ways to reduce the huge upfront costs associate with a purchase
  • The tax benefits and implications with purchasing property
  • How purchasing will effect your cashflow and different strategies to lower the impact
  • How to utilise equity you have built up in an existing property 
  • A deep insight into loan features and what you have to do to get one!

what to bring

Paper and pen/laptop/tablet (something to take notes with)


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