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Come and learn the beautiful and ancient Japanese resist-dyeing technique known as Shibori. In this class you will learn the basics of creating an indigo dye-bath using pre-reduced indigo crystals and Shibori techniques to generate unique patterns and designs.

Each piece will be unique and unexpected and use four different patterns/ styles, so you’ll learn several styles and methods.  Shibori is fun to learn and something you can use at home to revamp your own furnishings and clothing!

What you'll get

All folding materials will be supplied, you will also get

  • gloves
  • 2 x cotton napkins to test your designs
  • plenty of indigo dye

what to bring

  • Your own material to dye. Fibre must be natural – cotton, linen, wool, silk, rayon/viscose, hemp etc, as synthetic fibres will not absorb the dye. Examples of items to bring: scarves, pillowcases, tops/blouses/tees, jeans, lengths of fabric, tea towels, napkins etc. Please feel free to bring a bunch of small items (like the ones listed), large items are a bit harder to dye as the vat is being shared amongst a number of people.

  • a bag or container to take wet items home

  • This workshop is MESSY! Wear clothes you don’t mind getting a whoops on!


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