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How do you like to be touched? …has anyone ever asked you? And if they did, what would you say?

Introducing as part of our Sex Essentials program Mind Blowing Touch- an engaging and playful workshop that explores a deepening access to pleasure through the simple practice of touch. Experiment with multiple ways to touch and be touched through a variety of embodied interactions. Practice creatively giving and receiving pleasure in a way that’s authentically consensual, healthy, powerful and pleasurable.

This class is the ideal introduction into how you can learn about what turns you on and invite more pleasure into your life in and outside the bedroom.

You’ll learn:

  • practical tools to give and receive
  • creative communication
  • how to bring mindfulness to sex with self and others
  • setting & respecting boundaries
  • breath-work
  • mind blowing touch in a way that’s consensual, healthy and pleasurable
  • real talk, none of the clinical, confusing chat that is usually paired with sex-ed

What you'll get

  • a safe, relaxed and non-judgemental space to discuss sex and pleasure
  • a glass of wine on arrival

what to bring

  • notepad and pen or digital device if you’d like to take notes
  • your partner if you want!


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