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Are you new to sewing or would love to learn to sew? In this class we’ll be making a simple yet glamorous robe that you can style as day/beach wear or cosy into after a lovely warm bath or to lounge about in. You’ll learn the basics of operating a sewing machine and how to sew with accuracy to then make this fabulous new piece for your wardrobe.

This is a BYO friendly sewing machine class, so bring along your own sewing machine (and any little bits that go with it) or borrow one from us available to use for the class. Forget the hassles of following a sewing tutorial on YouTube or on Pinterest alone and enjoy a fun group environment with plenty of individual attention. I’ll ensure you learn how to sew with your exact machine and help you get through any tricky bits that come up or don’t make sense so that you walk away with better sewing skills & a kimono robe you’d love to wear!

What you'll get

  • my brain & sewing expertise
  • one-on-ones on how the basics apply to your machine
  • a group intro to the basics of sewing
  • one-on-ones on how the basics apply to your machine
  • live demo of each sewing step of the kimono
  • new confidence & epic sewing skills
  • fringing and tassles to add to your kimono
  • a copy of the instructions to make again at home and to prove to your friends that YOU ACTUALLY did make it yourself

what to bring

  • a sewing machine and its power cord and presser foot (If it hasn’t been used in a while, or you know it needs to be fixed, get it serviced before the class to save disappointment)

  • any little/bits attachments that go with your machine (eg. needles, sewing feet, bobbins)

  • a fabric that you’d love to make a kimono from and some matching thread.

    Recommended fabrics include: any non-stretch cotton, rayon, polyester or similar blend that is not slippery or satiny (unless you already have experience sewing with this type of fabric.). Please bring 2.2m for a shorter knee length kimono robe or 2.6 m for a longer calf length kimono robe, be sure that the fabric is at least 110cm wide Note: These measurements will allow to make a robe for up to a size 16, please bring an extra 0.5cm if you want to make a bigger size or a even longer robe.

If you don’t have a machine or can’t borrow one, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can organise you one 🙂 ellie@work-shop.com.au


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