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Do you have a sewing machine you wish you knew how to use? Or ever wanted to learn to sew but not sure where to start, or know if you’re doing it right? Sewing is an epic skill to have up your sleeve whether its just to tailor your clothes for a more on point look or to finally tackle that Pinterest board full of ‘If only I could sew’ DIYs.
Bring your sewing machine (and any little bits that go with it) or borrow one of a friend,  aunty, nanna or whoever has one stashed away that they won’t miss, and I’ll take you through the basics of how to set up YOUR machine and how to use it.

Forget trying to follow along on Youtube with people how have different machines from you and getting stuck. I’ll show you what you need to know get you started on your machine and start your first sewing project.
I’ll teach you how to wield the power of the sewing machine to make up this awesome minimalist pouch that can be used as a laptop sleeve (know your laptop dimensions before hand), fold over clutch, pencil/cord case or pouch for whatever it is you need to stash. You’ll the learn the basics of straight stitch, top stitching, inserting zippers, and for the speedy Gonzales of the bunch, how to add pockets and lining to up your sewing game. You’ll gain the confidence on the magic machine, and learn how to troubleshoot when you get stuck and make an awesome case as proof to your found skills. Ahhh the possibilities, let the DIY games begin!

Head to our Facebook page for information on parking and getting to the space.

What you'll get

  • my brain & sewing expertise
  • all sewing materials to use during the class
  • one-on-ones on how the basics apply to your machine
  • fabric for sewing exercises to build accuracy & neatness
  • live demo of each sewing step of the pouch/case
  • heavy  printed & plain fabric
  • contrast lining fabric
  • metal zipper
  • new confidence & epic sewing skills
  • a copy of the instructions to make again at home and to prove to your friends that YOU ACTUALLY did made it yourself

what to bring

  • a sewing machine and its power cord and presser foot (If it hasn’t been used in a while, or you know it needs to be fixed, get it serviced before the class to save disappointment)
  • any little/bits attachments that go with your machine (eg. needles, sewing feet, bobbins)

Optional: any of your own sewing materials or any non stretch slippery fabric you want to use for the pouch!

If you don’t have a machine or can’t borrow one, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can organise you one 🙂 ellie@work-shop.com.au


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