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This workshop will take you through an in person step by step guide of the details behind making a minimal, elegant slip dress – a wardrobe staple piece that’s easy to dress up or down. You’ll come out the other end with a custom made garment that you can strut down the street and respond to compliments with a hair flick and a casual “Oh this dress? I made it.”

It’s a pretty straight forward process that involves basic sewing knowledge (being able to sew a straight line) and going through it properly once, will then give you the ability to whip up all the slip dresses you want!

Sewing is such a practical and rewarding activity. Getting lost in the creative and technical process is like meditation in that you’re fully consumed by it and in the moment. Then wearing the piece you’ve made and knowing the time, effort and love that went into is an indescribable feeling.

If you are new to the sewing machine, we recommend you book into our Sewing Basics Workshop before doing this class.

What you'll get

  • A chance to build on your basic sewing skills and put them into action
  • A custom made slip dress
  • Take home pattern and overview of steps
  • A fun day of creating!

what to bring

  • Sewing Machine – Please make sure your machine works and you have all the bits and attachments for it before you come to the class!
  • Fabric – Please bring non stretchy fabric we recommend a light/flowy material (eg. Linen, Cotton, Silk)
  • How Much To Bring – sizes 6-10 bring approx. 1.5-2 metres off the roll / Sizes 12-16 bring approx. 3-4 metres off the roll (or measure a dress you own across the front then times that measurement by 1.5)


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