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This introductory beginners sewing class will teach you all the basics to get you started on mastering your sewing machine. You’ll learn basic sewing skills including how to cut fabric, how to use a simple pattern, and how to perform a few different stitches.

You will learn the fundamentals of your sewing machine and the basic sewing techniques to get you started. We’ll cover the various parts of the machine and get to know what each component does and how to use them. Once we’ve nailed these we’ll put them to use, making a tote bag you can take home with you! Bring along some fabric you like (1.5 x 1.5m of cotton or linen) and your own sewing machine to learn on if you have one – otherwise, you can hire one from us.

If you are bringing a brand new machine along, please come to the workshop 10-15 minutes prior so Laura can help you set it up!

What you'll get

  • Pro guidance and skills to tackle future sewing projects
  • Confidence using a sewing machine
  • Patterns
  • Thread

what to bring

  • BYO Sewing Machine.  We also supply machines at a small hire cost.
  • 1.5×1.5m of cotton or linen fabric
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early if you are bringing a machine you have never used before.
  • Please make sure your machine works and you have all the bits and attachments for it before you come to the class!


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