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Your sensual confidence affects every sexual choice you make; your boundaries, who you choose to have sex with and when, how or whether you sexually limit yourself. In this session, we’ll tackle the issues that prevent you from voicing your desires, wants and needs. This session is for you if you’ve ever struggled with confidence, body image or setting boundaries. Think of it like therapy for your erotic, sensual self.
Informed by embodied therapy, mindfulness and neuroscience, this comprehensive workshop will give you a deeper understanding of your sensual self – and how to feel confident in every inch of it! There will be opportunities to ask, share, discuss, feel and relate. This is an educational, experimental and clothes-on workshop for people 18+. Bring a mate (or a date) and score ten bucks off each ticket!

What you'll get

  • Practical and useful skills to be and feel more sensually confident
  • Learn how to connect with your body and others, and express yourself sexually
  • Strategies to overcome issues, areas of concern or anything that’s holding you back from pleasure
  • Basic mindfulness and embodiment practices to release into sensation
  • An open space to learn, feel and process powerful and transformational topics
  • Tools to get in-touch with and communicate your boundaries
  • Simple but powerful take home practices to integrate into your sexual experiences

what to bring

  • Just yourself


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