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Belly dance is a beautiful way to express your sensual nature, connect with your body, and your creative power. Often described as dynamic meditation, belly dancing allows you to be present in the moment and gain awareness of your body. A powerful and pleasurable gateway to mindfulness and presence, this ancient art uses fun, playful and sensual movement to help you connect with your deeper self. Merging sensual belly dance movements with Tantric techniques such as breathwork, visualizations and intentions, this workshop will advance your dance skills and confidence in a safe space. Walk away smiling,  feeling more confident, and ready to dance a small combo and with a greater connection to your body. Get ready for a one of a kind playful, profound and yummy experience!

Benefits for your body:

  • Great work out. Yes, it’s fun, sensual and it keeps you fit!
  • Build sensual confidence without ‘performance’
  • Some movements help with detoxifying the gut and digestion
  • Helps to develop body confidence
  • Help to achieve an elegant posture
  • Improve sense of rhythm
  • Reduce stress
  • Helps to relief PMS

What you'll get

  • Belly dancing fundamentals and combos
  • How to isolate movement in your body
  • Guidance from a seasoned belly dancer
  • The opportunity to express yourself in a safe space

what to bring

  • Please wear some comfortable clothing that allows easy movement 🙂


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