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This workshop will dive right into the art of silk screen printing. You’ll pick up all the skills and know-how to DIY screenprint at home. Artek will walk you through designing a paper stencil (which designs will work and which won’t), and best practices for cutting it out. He’ll also cover colours and inks used in the process, and which fabrics work best for screenprinting.

You’ll then get into the printing itself: how to actually do it, including techniques for achieving a perfect print. The workshop will cover two simple types of print:

1. The paper stencil technique (cutting out shapes which will be used as a temporary stencil for printing)

2. The mono print (painting a multicoloured design onto the screen and then printing it onto your fabric)

You’ll learn how to print solid colours, how to layer colours and how to print gradients of colours.

This workshop will focus on fabric printing, however, techniques taught can also be used to print onto paper with minimal changes. All printing will be done using water-based fabric inks which result in a soft-feel print and are easy to use and clean if you plan to do more printing outside the workshop. Ever wanted to sport your doodles on a tote bag? You’ll leave the class with two brand new tote bags emblazoned with your designs, as well as the know-how and motivation to stencil, slice and squeegee at home.

What you'll get

  • The skills needed to continue screen printing at home
  • 2 Calico Tote Bags

what to bring

  • Just yourself! Be sure to wear casual clothing!


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