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I am a masochist. That is why I wear very tight underwear and why I decided to start a screen printing company with no experience and no professional equipment. My company is nearly two years old now. In truth it has taken me at least ¾ of that time to become in some way proficient.

When you get to my age, eighteen months is a long time. That is why I thought it might be nice to run this “screen printing from home with no money and no clue” course.

For two hours of your time I will: run through the equipment necessary, where to get it and how much to pay; show you how to make screens; help you build a simple one-screen press; help you print a T-shirt; then, let you take it all home with you.

What you'll get

You will be provided with the screens, the inks, the shirts, the squeegees, the materials to build your own press and the knowledge to then screen press at home.

what to bring

Tight underpants; sense of adventure.