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This masterclass is a celebration of Olsson’s sea salt and dairy joining together as Pepe Saya Cultured Butter. The first Olsson’s Salt Block was pressed near Parramatta in 1949 because graziers were crying out for a supplementary source of nutrients for their stock during the severe drought in the middle of last century. Animals lick the salt block and absorb its nutrients and minerals making them happier and healthier.

Pepe Saya selects only the very best milk and cream to use in his products, which happens to come from John Fairly’s Country Valley Dairy. When Pepe found out that the cows whose milk he was using had been licking Olsson’s salt blocks he decided to bring it full circle and use Olsson’s Sea Salt in his butter too. And so when you bite into some creamy Pepe Saya Cultured Butter, you’re tasting deliciousness which began long before the churning process and before the milk was bottled; you’re tasting the salty pleasures of the pasture and everything in-between.

In this workshop, Pepe will guide you through the process of making cultured butter. You will get your hands greasy and discover all the benefits of cultured butter. You will even get to take home a bundle of the yellow gold for later. Alexandra will induct you into the ancient tradition of solar sea salt making and will have a range of natural and truffle sea salt for you try.

What you'll get

  • Cream and milk
  • Masterclass mat, tasting cups, “learn to churn” equipment
  • Variety of Salts for masterclass
  • 50gm cube of Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes and the Butter that you hand churned to take home!

what to bring

  • Passion for good natural food
  • Love for Australian produce