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Never one to throw anything away, Sky created a way of turning all her left-over yarn and fabric scraps into arty, crafty rope. A natural evolution of events follower where she started coiling this rope into gorgeous, colourful, decorative baskets. Now it’s your turn!

Learning her rope making technique means you will never throw away a yarn scrap or item of clothing again! The rope doesn’t only have to be made into baskets but can become rugs, jewellery and wall art… the applications are only limited by your imagination.

In this workshop you will learn how to make the rope and then coil into a basket. All materials and much crafty wisdom provided.

What you'll get

  • All materials required to make your own fabric rope
  • Guidance on how to turn the rope into the coolest dang basket you’ve ever seen

what to bring

  • Any fabric scraps you might have lying around at home that can potentially be turned into rope!
  • Inspiration and ideas!
  • An open mind and an eagerness to learn 🙂


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