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Obsessin’ over resin? Delve into the world of resin jewellery with Sheree from Polly Collective. In her newest workshop, you’ll get the opportunity to learn all her secrets on creating your own custom moulds for one-of-a-kind resin creations.

In this six-hour masterclass, we’ll learn how to create custom resin jewellery and moulds using polymer clay components. This carefully honed technique allows you to create bespoke resin casting moulds that stand out from the crowd. Invest in a day that you will learn all the fundamentals of working with casting resin, layering, mould making, using pigments, and doming resin.

Using Sheree’s wide range of shape cutters, you’ll start the day by choosing, cutting, your desired component designs out of polymer clay, and baking them to cure while learning all the essential information about preparing your components. After baking, we’ll move on to covering everything you need to know about making reusable moulds with Pinkysil fast set silicone, including how to correctly use the product, safety, and techniques for matte and shiny finishes.

Once the silicone has set, we’ll touch on some finishing processes to prepare the moulds for casting. Then, it’s time to delve into the world of resin casting! You’ll learn everything you need to know about using resin to create beautiful designs and important safety information. Get the low down on Sheree’s process for colour selection, casting techniques for different finishes, patterns, and styles, as well as all the nitty-gritty details on working with resin as a medium.

Perfect for beginners or those who already create jewellery with polymer clay and are looking to upskill and add to their making repertoire, you’ll leave this workshop with the confidence and skills to continue making at home.

What you'll get

  • A workbook filled with important knowledge for you to continue your resin adventure.
  • Up to two silicone moulds that you have custom made
  • All your polymer clay components you make on the day
  • Custom resin jewellery components made by you!
  • Any leftover silicone/resin from your making kit on the day with the option to purchase more.
  • A goodie box with some helpful bits and bobs to keep you creating
  • Light refreshments to keep you creatively energised!

what to bring

  • An open mind, a love of colour, and a zest for creative fun times!
  • Lunch and a water bottle
  • Resin jewellery inspo


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