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Known for his striking, surreal and twisted artworks, Melbourne artist Christopher Hancock delivers raw and honest subject matter in a captivating and unconventional way. And when it comes to subject matter, it doesn’t get much more honest than looking at the self for inspiration

In this 3 hour immersive workshop, Hancock will guide you through the process of painting a Self-Portrait – a practice favoured by artists throughout history (think Rembrandt and Kahlo) for it’s introspective quality, which has lead to the creation of some of the most powerful and interesting artworks to date.

You’ll learn how the self-portrait can be used to convey more than just a likeness, exploring ways to capture an expressive image that tells a story. Using some basic observational drawing techniques, you’ll create an initial sketch to work from, before moving on to canvas where you will learn to apply a range of acrylic and aerosol painting techniques. 

With the aid of some good tunes and tasty beverages, explore what happens when you allow chance and mistake to get involved in the process, finishing up with a self-portrait that will get you looking at yourself from a whole different angle.

What you'll get

All art materials provided

– Acrylic and Aerosol paints

– Painting Mediums 

– Paintbrushes

– Pencils/ charcoal/ paper

Canvas (which you get to keep)

Mirrors to use in class for drawing exercise

Beer/ Wine to get the creative juices flowing

what to bring

Just your self 🙂


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