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Does the thought of public speaking make your palms sweaty and your stomach churn? You’re not alone. It’s time to knock that fear on the head at Work-Shop.

This Public Speaking Workshop will introduce the basic principles of how to communicate clearly, unselfconsciously and engagingly when addressing a group of people at work, in a social context or purely for one’s personal development.

Skills learnt will include:

  • How to put the focus onto your intent and away from yourself
  • How to bring breath and voice into your service instead of their controlling you
  • How to connect to your audience
  • How to identify and deliver the content of your message

What you'll get

  • Photocopied sheets of a short speech
  • The skills to pay the bills!

what to bring

  • Two copies of a short speech (half a page) relevant to the individual needs of the student ie. a work-related topic (eg. pitch or presentation or HR matter) or a social issue (eg. sports club recruiting drive or school prize presentation) or a pet topic (eg. current affairs debate).


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