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Do you find yourself busy, stressed and overwhelmed by all the things you think you should be doing?

Well, isn’t it time you kicked should to the curb!Ā 

Instead of someone asking you, “How are you?” and you replying, “Busy” – wouldn’t it feel good to say “Hey, I’m productive!”? Busy is when things happen to you. Productive is when you make shit happen.Ā 

This workshop will help you discoverĀ focus, flow and managing your energy levels so you can seriously start kicking goals, because multi-tasking is just the ability to f*ck up more than one thing at a time.Ā 


This workshop will take place at Inspire9 newest coworking space, The Dream Factory, located in Footscray.

Inspire9 is the original community-led coworking space for Melbourneā€™s startups, freelancers and creative entrepreneurs. Our mission is to empower individuals and small teams to achieve big things by generating connections between members of our entrepreneurial and creative community; locally, nationally and globally.

To join our community visit inspire9.com

What you'll get

You will learn:

– How to manage overwhelm and burn-outĀ 

– How to manage your emotional happiness and mental focus

– How to find your flow

– The truth behind the multi-tasking myth

– The power of permission and play

what to bring

An open mind, personal stories, pen andĀ notepad


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