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Whether you’re just getting started or a few years into the game and ready to take on bigger projects, this one-off workshop offers insight into the business of freelance filmmaking with Australian documentary director Selina Miles.

Selina hails from Brisbane and is now based in New York City. She has been a creator of online video content for 8 years, creating viral videos such as “Limitless” which has amassed over 12 millions views on Youtube. More recently she has directed TV commercials in London, New York and Sydney, and in 2019 debuted her first feature length documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival..

Selina Miles is self taught, and is passionate about sharing tips and tricks to help you carve your own path through the exciting and ever-changing filmmaking landscape. This 2-hour workshop will involve a presentation of practical insider tips, some written exercises and a lengthy Q&A time. All you need is pen & paper or a laptop!

The purpose of the class?

This class seeks to help attendees find their unique path to success as a freelance filmmaker. The course will run for 2 hours and is broken up into 3 sections, where Selina will explain how she navigated her way through each chapter of her career. Each section will offer a big list of resources and ideas to take home, as well as some written exercises to help you make sense of how you can apply these tips in your own career. The class will be an open forum for people to suggest and discuss ideas and get inspired, and feature quotes and personal anecdotes from Selina’s career, as well as a healthy Q&A time 

The skill/s participants will gain from attending?

PART ONE – TURNING A PROFIT – The first section will cover the basics of getting your film career off the ground – getting your hands on equipment, education, and clients, as well as things you must know when running your own business. 

PART TWO – CARVING A NICHE – The second section covers how to go from a working videographer to an established filmmaker with a unique body of work. Tips and tricks for getting your work out there, as well as Selina’s thoughts on how to create original work that resonates. 

PART THREE – DREAM BIGGER – The final section of the class challenges you to think beyond what you believe is possible – and take steps to realise those dreams. Selina will talk through her experience with directing feature films and TV commercials, and share practical steps to realise your dreams on the largest possible scale

Why should people come to this class rather than one taught by someone else?

I am a self-taught filmmaker who grew up in the suburbs of Brisbane, never finished university and have been freelancing for 10 years. I think I have unique experience that can offer really practical and alternative routes for filmmakers, having worked my way up from shooting corporate and wedding videos, to directing TV commercials and movies. I am a self-shooter, editor, and have produced my own music videos, and worked in 20 countries worldwide. I am a huge believer in fostering a supportive filmmaking community, and both having mentors and sharing skills to those less experienced.


What you'll get

  • There will be a PDF booklet emailed to everyone after the class with a list of resources.

what to bring

  • The atmosphere should be relaxed and give opportunity for anyone in the class to suggest ideas or ask questions.
  • The class will also include workshopping ideas so everyone needs to bring a pen and paper


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