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We’ve teamed up with Pozible and put together the perfect event to educate & empower budding crowdfunding campaigners!!!

This 45 minute presentation will highlight; Building a community, Communication through design, Making a clear video, Telling your story & how to come up with great rewards. All it takes is 1 minute – take the plunge and pitch your concept to the audience. Great if you’re looking for feedback, or hoping to attract collaborators and like-minds! Spots are limited so make sure to sign up at the beginning of the night. Nothing like a little unstructured networking! The best way to spur innovation and fuel inspiration for new ideas. Grab a drink & bounce some ideas around the room.

Some very special guests from the Pozible community will come along and share their tales of failure and what they learned along the way. These will be stories of growth and understanding, retrospective analysis and what was gained from putting yourself out there and giving it a go! Attention will turn to the panel, made up of the Pozible rep and guest speakers, ask those more specific questions and spur conversation amongst the panel.

Please book via: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/crowdfunding-workshop-brisbane-learn-pitch-collaborate-tickets-35587812104

What you'll get

  • An in-depth understanding of how crowdfunding works
  • An understanding of the best things to communicate in your campaign
  • The best ways to market your crowdfunding campaign
  • Networks and advice from the people who’ve crowdfunded before
  • Confidence in your project and campaigning ability

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