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What better object represents joy and whimsy than the humble pompom? In this workshop, you’ll create your own floofy spheres of happiness and jazz them into earrings for your friends to squeal over. Pompom expert Adela will share the secrets of crafting the cutest tufted accessories, perfecting the basics and experimenting with fun patterns. Pompom making is easy and meditative, something you can do to wind down and relax.

All the tools and materials you’ll need will be supplied. You’ll take home your very own wooden pompom maker tool and freshly made pompom earrings. Adela will also outline ideas on other fun ways to integrate these fluffy balls of cheer into your life and wardrobe. After completing this class, you’ll be equipped with the skills to create countless pompom accessories (and garner a soft and fluffy reputation). Get your pompom on!

What you'll get

  • Pompom maker tool

  • Pompom earrings made in class

  • The skills and inspiration to craft pompoms into any accessory

what to bring

  • Just your cute self


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