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Got a crafty itch that you just gotsta scratch?

Wanna make some jewellery that is against the norm?

Come along and meet up with KathyKoo – yep, she sure does hang around – and get cracking on making your own polymer clay beads and jewellery!

In this class, Kathy will give you a couple of ‘heads up’ tips about working with polymer clay, take you through some step-by-step-how-to, show you how to mix colours and create pattern effects, in order for you to make your own polymer clay masterpieces!

You will be taking home your beads and kewellery bits and bobs and can make them into amazing necklaces and so on!

You will also receive some instruction on how to work with your beads, in order to finish your work at home and show your friends how frikkin creatively talented you can be!!

What you'll get

Everything you need to make your own Polymer beads and Jewellery creations!

Some notes so you can continue making your creations at home!

what to bring

Nothing but your keen spirit and desire for creative expression!