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Necklaces are making a come back! Learn all the skills you need to make creative hand formed necklaces, you will learn everything you need to know from basic knowledge like storing and buying clay, what tools you need and don’t need, conditioning and curing. Delve into basic techniques such as marbling, layering, texturing and hand shaping. We then hit complex techniques such as geometric beads, tube beads and some unique hand formed shaping.

You will learn the art of hand making beads, but also how to use some super fancy tools to perfect your gems and take them to the next level! This workshop is ideal for beginners and experienced makers who wish to refresh their skills. If you want to create authentically, make high quality jewellery and most of all have a great time, laugh and learn some mad skills then get on it now!

“Every workshop I teach is slightly different, I never demonstrate the same designs…I like to make it up on the fly – which if I’m super honest is my everyday creative process – slightly hectic but always inspiring, fun and fresh. Treat yourself and learn something new or if you’re already a maker open your mind to another makers point of view and refresh.”

What you'll get

Over 40 different colours of Polymer Clay to choose from, including granite, glitter, mica and pearl effect clays!

All the materials, findings + tools to make 1 or 2 necklaces 

Coloured cord to string your creations

An info booklet to scribble on and take home

Lots of laughs and creative chats and inspo

what to bring

An open mind and a creative heart!


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.