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The human mind is a story processor, not a logic processor. Humans think in stories. Stories are important in shaping our understanding of our place in the world. Storytelling appears to have evolutionary roots, as it can help foster cooperation amongst people in a society, and those who tell good stories, are often preferred social partners. AND Podcasts offer a special ability to share incredible stories.

Podcasts allow us to take in powerful stories, which we can closely connect with. We can stimulate our imagination, while learning about a range of new topics. The richness of the human experience is at our fingertips. Podcasts also offer a potentially more trustworthy alternative to the plethora of false information out there. And yes, podcasts are a great companion when commuting!

Podcasts offer a special ability to share incredible stories. It feels as if you are physically following the protagonists in these stories, through their journeys to build an empire. Even podcasts which focus on more abstract topics, or applied knowledge, use storytelling to bring subjects to life.

What you'll get

  • Attendees will walk away with a fully formed plan for what their podcast will look like and how to get started!
  • Students will get a ‘Starting Your Podcast’ guidebook!

what to bring

  • Your willingness to talk about your own ideas for a podcast!


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