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It’s not exactly a sexually inspiring time, and many are noticing a change in their drive and desire for sex. The good news is: there are some really practical things you can do to create a sex life that is intensely fulfilling and open to pleasure. In this dynamic session, I’ll share skills to navigate libido, desire and arousal and help you overcome blocks and challenges you face individually or in relationships. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to share, learn and engage with powerful information and useful approaches. You will receive real-life, practical skills that you can apply in (and out of) the bedroom. Informed by embodied therapy, mindfulness and neuroscience, this comprehensive workshop will give you a deeper understanding of your libido.

This is educational clothes on, hands-off workshop for people of all genders, ages, sexualities, experience level and relationship choices.


Bring a M8 or a D8 and score ten bucks off each ticket!

What you'll get

  • Learn about your desire type, core erotic themes, sexual brakes and accelerators
  • Useful education to create more pleasurable experiences
  • Communication skills to navigate desire with other/s
  • Dozens of take-home practices
  • Ways to measure, respond to and explore arousal
  • Mindfulness practices to feel more connected to your body and others
  • Self-awareness to support your inquiry into pleasure
  • Tools for addressing common concerns that can block sexual desire, drive and arousal

what to bring

  • An open mind


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