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In this class you will learn the correct way to print, draw, reduce and coat shrink plastic, and leave with the skills necessary to create high quality badges on a whim – great for gifts, special occasions or even when you decide you suddenly have a new favourite band and want everyone in the world to know it

Shrink plastic veteran Maddy Young will provide drawing reference for creating your own set of cosmic badass badges (including customisable knives, skulls and botanical bunches) or make a set of badges that walks to the beat of your own unique heart, its completely up to you!

Embrace that inner child and do you mum proud – show her you have moved beyond shrinking chip packets in the oven to a fully fledged plastic master!

What you'll get

Everything you’ll need to make your own Plastic Shrinky badges (including shrink paper, drawing materials (permanent pens, poscas), drawing inspiration (photocopies) and drawing templates, spray fixative, brooch backs)

You’ll also get a take home instruction guide on how to make the badges at home so you can throw your own Shrinky Party and impress your younger siblings 😉

what to bring

Students are more then welcome to bring drawings they wish to turn into shrink badges or their sketchbooks for inspiration.