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Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon sipping pinot, perusing around a creative warehouse jungle in Sydney’s Inner West, and becoming an indoor plant master and connoisseur.

‘Pinot & Plants’ will start with The Plant Doctor taking you through the indoor plant jungle that is Nauti Studios; teaching you all about the 350+ indoor plants which have been cultivating and growing there, by The Doctor’s green thumb, for the past five and a half years.

This tour will teach you about different types of indoor plants, where to find them, and what care they need.

We will then jump right in and get our hands dirty! You will be given a plant baby to take home. But together The Plant Doctor will show you how to re-pot it, and we will go through and do it together step-by-step.

If you have any sick plants at home, you are welcome to bring one on the day (or a photo) which we will discuss and repair during ‘Plant Hospital’. Here we will also discuss plant troubleshooting, common ailments and how to recognise them, and furry pet indoor plant allergies.

HOLY MOLY! What next?! An indoor plant quiz! With a with prize!

“What plants are good for different rooms in your house?” you ask. You will learn this.

“When do you water and fertilise your plants?” you ask. You will learn this.

If you have any burning indoor plant questions, email or DM them through when you purchase your ticket and The Plant Doctor will set the record straight for you during Plants & Pinot.

The Doctor will also have fertilisers, additional plants and all the indoor plant care tools you need for mastering greenery available on the day for if you are in need. 

Grab your ticket now and let’s get your green thumbs growing!

What you'll get

  • Plants!
  • Pinot!
  • Lots of knowledge and skills for growing your own indoor jungle!

what to bring

  • Nada!


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.