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Let’s talk everything taboo about sex, love, relationships and dating – all that “can’t talk to your mum about” stuff.

Recently been heartbroken? Not getting any sexual satisfaction? Don’t understand the dating world? Questioning your sexuality? Not feeling connected with your partner? Fallen in love with two or more people? Confused about gender? Had a same-sex experience? Secretly cross-dress- ing? Want to know how to ‘come out’ to family and friends? Have a fet“itch” you want to scratch? Polyamorous? Kinky? Trans? A-Sexual? Sex Worker? Something else going on in your mind you would like real-world support with? Just want to listen and support others?

This is the place.

Group Therapy is open to everyone regardless of age, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, as- signed gender, identity, lifestyles and expressions. It is CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS.

Participants will be invited to share their stories and to be offered supportive, non-judgemental feedback and advice from the group which is professionally facilitated by an experienced sex and diversity friendly Psychologist.

The purpose of the session will be to help normalise people’s experiences and to recognise that sexual diversity does not have to be as taboo or mysterious as it currently is. There are many sci- entific, evidence-based explanations progressively being recognised and a wonderful community of supportive people and professionals coming together to help spread the word.

Prepare to laugh, cry, hug, learn and share.

What you'll get

  • The opportunity to learn, share, provide supportive advice and listen to like-minded people in a supportive, open-minded and non-judgemental environment.


what to bring

  • Pen, notebook, yourself, friends, parents, lovers and the neighbours!


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