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Join Valerie Pearson and Joanne Kennard for this pickling and fermenting masterclass. Traditional pickling via fermentation is a great way to preserve the harvest while at the same the time increasing the nutritional content of your food. They taste amazing and will give you a gastronomic experience you just can’t get with mass-produced, store-bought foods!

Learn how to make Sauerkraut and traditional Piccadilly in this two hour, hands-on workshop. You will get yo take your pickles home at the end of the night as well as taste some already prepared.

There will also be Green Living Ausutralia equipment available for sale on the night (preserving kits, pickling supplies and equipment, plus copies of Valerie’s Book ‘Sugar Free Home Preserving’)

What you'll get

  • Everything you need to have a go at two different pickling styles, and you’ll get to take the results home and impress your friends with your new found pickling skills.
  • And of course Wine, to get those creative pickling juices flowing! (We provide a red and white wine, feel free to bring something different if you prefer)

what to bring

  • **MUST BYO** chopping board & knife.
  • optional – BYO drinkies if you don’t like red or white wine 🙂


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