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Got all the gear but not sure how to use it? Join us and get up to speed! We’ll run through some basic technical details (like what all the fancy numbers and letters on your camera mean), understanding what different modes are for and how to improve composition and framing. After that, we’ll put theory into practice and get shooting so you can get a solid grasp on what we’ve covered on the day and walk away confident in using your camera. Absolutely all photography lovers welcome.

What you'll get

  • A clear understanding of technical jargon such as ISO, shutter speed and so on
  • An explanation of the different modes on your camera
  • Composition and framing skills
  • An overview of RAW files and their advantages

what to bring

  • The camera + lenses you’re hoping to build a better relationship with!
  • Notepad, pen


You’ll get the most out of this workshop if your Camera is digital SLR.  However, we are happy to guide you with whatever camera you own (just can’t be a film camera).