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This work shop will teach you the foundations of phone camera photography. Covering a number of topics, Amber and Jan from Social Media Photographers will save you from the world of dark, blurry, and out of focus phone camera photos.

To help you bring a bit of beauty and style to the world with every photo you take, the workshop will include:

  • Photography fundamentals
  • How to apply the fundamentals to take a great shot
  • When to break the rules
  • Phone camera hacks
  • Styling your shots to make your images pop
  • Introduction to phone editing
  • Motivation to get started!

What you'll get

  • Each attendee will leave this session armed with the knowledge and motivation to take better phone photos. We will also give you some handy reference worksheets to help keep you on track. 
  • Workshop graduates are also invited to join the exclusive SMP Phone Camera Club on Facebook (at no extra charge) where you will get ongoing tips, tricks and constructive feedback on your phone camera images.
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments will be available throughout the class!

what to bring

  • Smartphone with working phone camera
  • 1-2 sample photos that you have taken and want feedback on how they could be improved (these can be on your phone, social media account or printed photos)