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Ever wanted to slay a massive wall but don’t know how? Enjoy scrawling with those aerosols you confiscated off your kids while they sleep? Fancy making stencils, or are you already a seasoned practicing artist just looking to expand your skill set and a different perspective to the artform?

Join New Zealand based artist Cinzah, on one day intensive workshop to learn the basics through to super-techie can control tricks of the trade.

On this workshop we’ll be going over a basic introduction to working with aerosols, how they function and how you can hit that straight line, or make that sweet cutback. We’ll be expanding on the fact that muralism / street art / urban contemporary art isn’t just what that guy Banksky did.

Cinzah will work one on one with you, no matter what skill level you are at, to guide you to creating your own work of art.

We’ll work through the basics of designing a piece, from pencil on paper, to paint on a wall (or you’re own board to take home) covering the following –

  • Character design and development
  • Composition Mural requirements
  • Artwork production
  • Good times.

What you'll get

  • All materials provided- spray cans, boards, caps, acrylic roller paint, sketch pads, masks, drawing equipment and more

what to bring

  • BYO good vibes, and an eagerness to get your hands (and probably clothes) dirty


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