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Peated Malts of Distinction brings together an unrivalled collection of peated malts for every palate, including Laphroaig, Connemara, The Ardmore and Bowmore, each one boasting its own unique, distinctive and smoky flavour.

Where there is smoke in your whisky, there is peat.

Peat is a rich, bog-like soil that is cut from the damp landscapes of Scotland and Ireland. During the whisky making process for peated malts, the malted barley is slowly dried over a peat fire, imparting a unique smoky flavour to the grain which is then reflected in the whisky.

Like the terroir of fine wine, the location of each peat bog imbues not only smokiness to the whisky, but other signature flavours and aromas unique to that location – fragrant, earthy, medicinal. Balancing the level of smokiness with the rich flavour of the whisky truly is the distiller’s art.

What you'll get

  • Whisky cocktail on arrival
  • A tasting of 4 whiskies : Laphroaig, Bowmore, The Ardmore & Connemara.
  • A Master Class in the history of peated single malt whiskies
  • Complementary snacks to keep you going

what to bring

  • Your love of fine whisky


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