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Ditch the pub, we’ve got your Friday night sorted.

Welcome to an experience that marries creativity with leisure – the original Paint-and-Sip event. Celebrating 10 years of unique artistry, this isn’t just any regular Friday night affair.

Under the experienced guidance of esteemed Australian artist Stephen Evans, you’ll dive into an enriching and colourful journey. We’ll create not just one, but two unique masterpieces, pushing the traditional boundaries by using no brushes – only your hands.

You’ll delve into the fascinating world of color theory and painting composition, acquiring new techniques that solely depend on the tools you were born with – your hands. As the wine flows and the evening unfolds, you might find even more inventive ways to express your creativity.

What’s a paint-and-sip without the sip, right? We’ve teamed up with Moondog Brewery to keep your creative juices flowing. Each attendee is treated to two complimentary beers or seltzers for the night – crafted by Moondog Brewery, these beverages are as unique and satisfying as the art you’ll be creating. But if a beer or seltzer isn’t your thing, feel free to bring your own favourite booze along – we’re all for making this night as enjoyable for you as possible.

Awaken your inner artist and step outside the usual routine. Expect to roll up your sleeves, get a bit messy, and return home with a brand-new skill set for creating art at home.

Our Paint-and-Sip night isn’t just a class; it’s a relaxed, jovial, and enriching experience. As the OG’s in this field, we promise an engaging and colourful way to kick off your weekend. Join us for a unique blend of artistic expression and laid-back fun.

What you'll get

  • Acrylic paint and canvas
  • Drinks provided by Moon Dog Brewery
  • Latex gloves if you don’t wanna get too messy (but it is more fun that way)

what to bring

  • Your inner child
  • BYO more drinks and food if you want to drink something specific/need some munchies to get you through


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.