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It’s time to put down your phones, stop swiping and scrolling, and start folding!

In this workshop, Michael will take you through origami’s most famous designs – including the paper crane. But this workshop is not your average origami class! We’ll be showing you how this ancient artistic practice can be used as an active meditation and a tool for mindfulness, something we all need a little more of in our hustle-bustle lives! Through a steady practice of designing and folding, you’ll be calmer and more focused and in a place of zen before you know it.

But wait! we’re not done – you’ll also learn how to turn your works of art into beautiful paper crane earrings!

Materials are provided and you’re sure to come away with some beautiful paper sculptures to decorate your living space with.

What you'll get

  • All materials provided
  • Notes to continue at home
  • Origami creations & origami jewellery

what to bring

  • Just yourself & and carry bag to take your creations home in
  • Maybe some drinks if you want to start the weekend early!


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