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Conventional products on the supermarket shelves can contain all sorts of hidden nasties. Confusing chemical names and numbers obscure the true contents of products we use daily in our bodies and around the home. But you can remove these potentially harmful ingredients from your life by making your own plant-based and tox-free products right in your own kitchen.

Join Kirsty from Parva: Little Things, our sustainability educator, and learn new skills to lighten your load on the planet. This class will start you off with the basics, showing you how to incorporate natural ingredients into your everyday life, how to make products to reduce the toxic load, be kind to the environment and save you some hard earned cash.

In this hands-on eco workshop you’ll tackle plastic use in the kitchen, making beeswax wraps to replace cling wrap. We’ll then move on to making a natural deodorant and perfume using essential oils, and finally tackling food waste in the kitchen using spent coffee and citrus peels to make a lush body scrub and a salty bath soak. Kirsty will also discuss reducing toxic chemical load in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry by learning about DIY green cleaning alternatives to chemical laden store bought cleaners.

All products will be made in re-usable containers for you to use again and again, which make for a great starter kit to kick start your journey to live a healthier life! Leave with everything you’ve made and a digital booklet with recipes and stockists for ingredients for further making.​

Come along to an informative, creative and relaxing, workshop where you’ll come away with awareness, clarity and connection with like-minded souls. Get the low-down on natural wellness and start your new tox-free life.

What you'll get

  • All materials provided
  • 1x Medium Beeswax Wrap
  • 1x natural all purpose scrub paste
  • 1x natural deodorant
  • 1x oil perfume roller
  • 1x coffee body scrub
  • 1x citrus salt soak

what to bring

  • Just yourself!


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