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Observational drawing is considered the building blocks for any art piece, design or illustration. Once you have basic observational and sketching skills, ideas can be conveyed, artworks can be drafted and illustrations can be realised.

The ability to break down what we see and consider different ways to view is an important part of observational drawing. Equally as important is learning to translate your vision to your hand, to paper and tailoring your techniques/materials to suit your subject.

  • Students will be provided with various techniques for analysing their subject matter
  • Students will be introduced to and encouraged to use a variety of mark making techniques
  • Students will become more visually and spacially aware
  • Students will learn basic drawing skills that they can adapt and build on in their own practice.
  • Students will learn about tone and form and how line weight can be used to represent light.

What you'll get

  • A selection of beverages to help get the creative juices flowing
  • Paper
  • Various mark making tools
  • Erasers

what to bring

  • Enthusiasm & willingness to give it a go!