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Australia has over 1660 native bee species, all playing their critical part in our environment and ecosystems.

With the ongoing loss of habitat, and other threats to our wildlife, we all have a role to play in protecting our precious bees.

Learn about some of our most popular and beautiful native bees, and how to attract them into your garden with plants and insect hotels. You will also see inside a native stingless bee hive and get to taste their amazing honey.

This course will cover both our native solitary bees and our stingless bees, and options for keeping them in gardens or even on decks and verandas.

What you'll get

  • Heaps of cool information on our amazing Australian Native Bees
  • How to build a native solitary bee hotel, or what to look for if buying one
  • A small bee hotel to get you going
  • What plants attract native bees
  • Information on native stingless bees and a look inside a hive.
  • Taste the amazing native stingless bee honey
  • Links to further learning resources

what to bring

  • Your love of bees!


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