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Whether it’s Strawberry Gum wild harvested from the rainforests of Northern New South Wales, hand milled and perfectly blended with sweet elderflower, Lemon Myrtle wild harvested from the Flinders Ranges and blended with Davidson Plum or Finger Limes from Byron Bay blended with local South Australian River Mint, Warndu’s range of Brew Bags are hand filled to ensure a perfect balance of native flavours that make the most refreshing cup of tea.

Join Rebecca Sullivan in this hands-on native tea blending class to learn all about native ingredients, how the different flavours can best be blended together, as well as their significant health benefits. You will walk away with great knowledge about Australian native foods, as well as your own blends of tea to enjoy at home!

What you'll get

  • Information on each of the ingredients you are blending
  • Warndu Brew Bags to try
  • Your own tea blends to take home with you!

what to bring

  • Just yourself!


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