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‘Grandpa’ Bill is back for a Christmas themed cooking class.
In this instructional, no fuss cooking class, Bill will teach you how to make Baby Quiches (Ham and Turkey) and Fruit Mince Pies – perfect little meals to delight your friends and family with this Christmas!

What you'll get

  • The confidence to make these recipes from scratch at home.
  • Quiches and Mince pies to enjoy on the night!
  • The joy of learning skills from an older generation – especially Bill, who has a great sense of humour and a no fuss attitude

what to bring

  • Container to bring any left-overs home in!
  • Pen and Paper to make notes
  • An empty stomach
  • Please note, whilst this is geared toward being a more instructional based cooking class, if you would like to participate, or help Bill prepare the festive food, please take note to wear enclosed and non-slippery shoes and have your hair tied up.