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In a nutshell Alicia finds most of her inspiration in stories, fairy tales and ancient mythology. It doesn’t matter what form they take – they could be consumed as a written text, an illustration, or and modern-day film remake.

She believes in the power of stories in their ability to enrich our lives, stir our imaginations, inspire us to create new fantastical things and pass them onto other people.

Alicia will take you the creation of mythical and magical imagery using a variety of illustration/drawing techniques along with ideas in composing, narrating and design fundamentals.

What you'll get

  • How to use fairytales and mythology for inspiration and idea generation
  • Explore different legends and symbolic imagery
  • A strong list of drawing techniques
  • Photo scaling and manipulation
  • How to add shading and text into an image and composition
  • Creating a focal point and working on composition

what to bring

  • Compass and Protractor
  • A copy of your favourite fiction book, fairytale, picture book or ancient history text.