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Join our immersive Mushroom Cultivation Workshop and learn how to grow your own edible and medicinal fungi.

Guided by expert Richard Zivkov, a commercial gourmet mushroom grower with expertise in wild foraging, identification, and DNA sequencing, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to cultivate mushrooms independently.

Firstly, we’ll dive into your previous experiences in mushroom cultivation. Have you grown mushrooms before? Spotted them in your garden or during bushwalks? Delighted in their flavors?

We will then explore the fascinating world of mushroom lifecycles, with a focus on saprotrophic fungi. Discover their wild reproduction process, the significance of laboratory reproduction, and learn about species that can be cultivated in a lab.

Following, we will dive into various methods of growing mushrooms in your own vegetable patch, such as burying them in the garden or using logs. We’ll emphasize the importance of introducing native species and provide guidance on care and contamination prevention.

Finally, we will start your mushroom cultivation journey with a beginner-friendly focus on oyster mushrooms. Learn why they are an excellent choice, requiring minimal equipment and space, and discover their potential as a steppingstone to more challenging species like Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, and Enoki. Witness the complete process of cultivating oyster mushrooms, from inoculation to incubation and fruiting, while receiving clarification on ideal fruiting conditions.

Join Richard Zivkov to embark on a lifetime of fungal adventures! ?

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What you'll get

  • Make Your Own Grow Kit and Harvest in 3-4 Weeks!

  • Engage in a 1.5hr Session: Presentation, Hands-on Practice, and Q&A
  • Explore the Fascinating Lifecycle of Fungi
  • Discover Mushroom Varieties for Your Palate and Well-being
  • See and Participate in the Process of Growing Mushrooms on Recycled Agricultural Waste
  • Master the Art of Cultivating Beautiful Oyster Mushrooms at Home
  • Take Home Your DIY Kit and Watch Your Mushrooms Thrive (Just Spray with Water!)
  • Learn the Easy Soak Method for Growing Mushrooms in a Home Setting

what to bring

– Notebook & Pen
– Water bottle
– Photos of fungi you’ve seen


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