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A mandala (Sanskrit for circle) is a spiritual symbol found in many cultures around the world. The design or structure of a mandala symbolises a spiritual journey that resides within each of us. It is a spiritual guidance tool which aids in meditation practices, through healing, reflection, relaxation and balance of our mind, body and soul.

This fun, interactive workshop invites you to explore your soul through creative expression. Participants will be guided through a process of mindfulness, in order to create their own unique monochrome mandala. No previous drawing experience is necessary, and all art supplies will be provided for you.

What you'll get

  • Introduction to Mandalas & how we can use them for mindfulness and meditation
  • Learn about symbols/patterns/design principals/ and our interpretations
  • Learn the structure of the mandala and how to create them
  • Be guided through the process of mindfulness to create your own unique monochrome mandala
  • All art supplies will be provided for you to create your mandala
  • Make beautiful new connections with others as you leave the outside world behind you for the duration of the workshop
  • Herbal tea to enjoy throughout the class

what to bring

  • Just yourself!


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