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You’ve finally done it.  You’ve bitten the bullet and quit your day job to follow your creative passions and run your own business.  Whether it’s designing jewellery, taking great photos or playing in a band, no matter what your passion is, if you want to succeed, you need to understand how to manage the financial side of your business. 

This workshop is specifically designed for freelancers, creatives and entrepreneurs who are currently working for themselves or have ambitions to do so.

The class will cover:

Company structures and registration

Financing your business + Borrowing/Credit

Business planning + how to get people to pay you money to do stuff

How to get on top of book keeping (Financial management software in collaboration with your accountant)


Navigating GST

Creating a safety net for you and your business and insurance

Goal Setting and Achieving

What you'll get

Loads of useful advice to help you better understand and manage the financial side of your business

what to bring

Paper and pen/laptop/tablet (something to take notes with)


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