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Sick & tired of being sick and tired?

Why do we get sick? Because we’re stressed.

Why do we always seem to be tired? Because we’re stressed.

What’s the antidote to stress? R E S T

Come learn how to very simply and effortlessly access deep states of rest (up to 5x that achievable by sleep alone), and begin to feel alive again. 20 minutes meditation is the rest equivalent of 3-4 hours sleep. With the correct instruction and just a few minutes of meditation morning & evening, we can get out of our own way and bring more energy, clarity, intelligence, joy, and a greater level of wellbeing into our lives.

When we launch into life with this approach we can enjoy more nourishing relationships, fulfilling careers, a greater thirst for getting the job done, and more time on our hands for us and our loved ones.

What you'll get

  • Understanding of a simple method to rest amongst this busy world.
  • Rest equivalent to 3-4 hours sleep

what to bring

  • Nothing but an open mind


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